The most durable of the hybrid Bermudas. This is why Tiff has a beautiful dark green color and a finer texture. Tiff is great in home lawns. Tiff can be mowed with a sharp rotary motor, or a reel mower can be used for a more manicured look.


Celebrate a wonderful grass with less work. Celebration Bermuda grass has a striking dark blue-green color, a wonderful feel, and it's low maintenance. This sod has benefits for landscape professionals and homeowners alike, it not only thrives exceptionably well in our Phoenix climate its proven performance, and commercial viability surpasses most other Bermuda grasses

Bob Sod

Deep blue-green color. Medium-wide blade provides texture contrast.

Thick, and cushion provides a carpet-like feel. Compact growth and medium-wide blades are coarser than Tifway and finer than requires less maintenance than other Bermuda grass. Less fertilization means less mowing. Use power reel or rotary mower